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Screen Solutions International

Global Developer of Rear Projection Screen Technology

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Screen Solutions provides you with a visual display presentation that sets you apart, connects you to your client, and gives you an image of class, style and innovation.

Screen Solutions Int. lines of front projection screens, rear projection screens and rear projection films cover every environment, installation and application.

Screen Solutions rear projection screen products are being used worldwide by companies, corporations and individuals who require the best products for their applications and designs.

Screen Solutions Int. excels at helping take your vision, concept or design to reality not only with rear projection screen products that work beautifully but also our knowledge base and experience with projection systems.

If you are a dealer, integrator, architect, designer or end user looking for exceptional rear projection screens let Screen Solutions Int. help you match the right product to your application and environment. With our comprehensive lineup of front and rear projection surface products including projector shield projector enclosures a custom products division, frames, hanging hardware and touch screen and multi-touch touch screen options for our rigid rear projection screens and rear projection film screen lines you can be assured have what it is you will need for a successful installation.

As you navigate our website, if you have any questions or would like to talk one of our sales partners about your rear projection screen display needs, please contact Screen Solutions Int. via e-mail or by telephone at (888) 631-5880 and let us help you with your rear projection display needs . Visit our new site at http://www.ssidisplays.com

The Line Manager Package is a total solution for the production environment to help your employees see current production data throughout the plant.

Our thermoforming processes can be utilized to create many new applications, such as multisensory systems for the total immersion experience.

This enclosure device is designed to reduce internal heat, extend bulb life, lower maintenance costs and shield your investment from environmental hazards and physical damage.

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