Clear Touch Screen Film

Clear Touch Screen on GlassTouch screen technologies are available as a clear touch screen; often this type of touch screen is referred to as a transparent or holographic touch screen. Touch screen film is available in a wide variety of standard sizes up to 122” widescreen and is near transparent, not 100% clear but real close to it.

 Users that are interacting with the clear touch screen will not be able to recognize what it is that they are actually interacting with. Clear touch screen film is designed to blend in to the display with little to no visibility.  Ultra tiny wires are embedded into clear plastic layers and sold as a finished solution. Clear touch screen film can be applied to any clear surface such as glass or acrylic transforming it into an interactive touch screen display.

 Clear touch screen film is available with cling; temporary and permanent application adhesives depending on your particular project. Clear touch screen film can be incorporated with holographic projection screens for a true floating touch screen display.  This is a great way to attract local foot traffic attention and retain perspective consumers.

 There are other ways to achieve the affect of a clear touch screen without touch screen film.  Infrared touch screen bezels are a great alternative for clear touch screens as you can have a touch surface hidden in the frame and appearing non existent. By placing the digital display in the center of the of the clear touch screen area you can create the illusion of a completely clear and floating touch screen display image.

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