Frequently Asked Questions

Can the screen be cleaned?

Definition 3mm – Accent 3mm
Yes. The screen can be cleaned with a light dust cloth if needed…if the screens gets dirty then a damp rag can be used
Do not use any liquid that has ammonia as a part of it
*scratches can also be fixed* ask about cleaning and scratch care products

Definition Pro 5mm M/G – M/M
Yes. Definition pro should be wiped down with a non abrasive light dusting cloth

Intrigue 3mm
Yes. Intrigue should be cleaned with very soft non abrasive cloths *ask for SSI approved cleaning cloths

My screen got a scratch! What can I do?

This all depends on the severity of the scratch…most minor surface scratches can be worked out using approved products

Intrigue 3mm
Minor scratches can also be buffed out using approved products * ask about SSI approved products

For Definition, Definition Pro, Accent and Reflection please ask your sales rep

Are there films or layers on my screen?

Definition, Definition Pro, Accent, Intrigue or Reflection screens
NO! no films or layers so you have a solid core product which means no layers expanding and retracting and different rates and no separation of layers over time

Is my screen water proof?

The simple answer is YES! Having our products made with no films or layer enables you to be able to build them into settings most others cant! If you would like to build video waterfalls or even build them into aquatic settings feel free to experiment and push it to the limits

Can I have my screen cut into shapes?

Yes! Our screens can be cut into different shapes and sizes without effecting the properties of the screen

Can my screen be formed into objects?

Yes! SSI has formed screens into domes and many other shapes for very unique and stopping designs

What is the maximum size of the screens?

Please refer to the spec sheet on each product placed on the website or feel free to call your rep

Can I OEM?

YES! We have the ability to OEM or make you a custom product just for you and made off your requirements and needs

What aspect ratio do I want?

It all depends on what you are going to watch most---think about the following when making your decision:

Do you watch movies mostly on your screen or do presentations?

4:3 Ratio is still the standard for presentations where data and power point, excel type files are used mostly

16:9 is used for most movies, DVD, Bluray, and most TV providers offer hidef channels which are 16:9 ratio as well

Most television shows are still broadcast in 4:3 but 16:9 is taking over more ground everyday.

What if I watch both 16:9 and 4:3? How do I pick an overall screen aspect ratio?

We find when people know they have a pretty liberal mix of both 16:9 and 4:3 we suggest going with say a 120” 4:3 screen; this is a large 4:3 ratio (96”x72”) but when shot in 16:9 gives you a 110” 16:9 ratio (96”x54”) this gives you a good large size on both aspect ratios unless of course you have a 16:9 only projector

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