Can the screen be cleaned?

Definition 3mm – Accent 3mm
Yes. The screen can be cleaned with a light dust cloth if needed…if the screens gets dirty then a damp rag can be used
Do not use any liquid that has ammonia as a part of it
*scratches can also be fixed* ask about cleaning and scratch care products

Definition Pro 5mm M/G – M/M
Yes. Definition pro should be wiped down with a non abrasive light dusting cloth

Intrigue 3mm
Yes. Intrigue should be cleaned with very soft non abrasive cloths *ask for SSI approved cleaning cloths
Minor scratches can also be buffed out using approved products * ask about SSI approved products

Reflection screen
Reflection can be wiped down with soft lint free cloths for dust and if needed be wiped down with a damp rag and if actually dirty can be wiped down with light detergents and a damp rag

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