Projection Films, Foils and Film Projection

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Our screen films provide a perfect pro display solution for great looking window displays!

You can instantly turn any piece of clear glass or acrylic into a rear projection display surface with Screen Solutions rear projection films.

Turn your static windows into holographic screens, touch windows or full motion graphic displays by applying Screen Solutions rear projection films to any glass or acrylic surface. Set yourself apart by using Screen Solutions rear projection films in your install for:

  • Corporate briefing centers,
  • Retail settings
  • Tradeshow projection screens
  • Lobbies
  • Car dealerships
  • Pro Displays
  • Jewelry stores
  • Malls
  • Sporting events
  • TV and broadcast design

Screen Solutions rear projection film products take projection possibilities to the next level, providing limitless opportunities for projection display placement. Experience new and innovative areas to showcase your product.

With stunning quality and simple installation methods, these projection films enhance any line card, setting or install.

The Screen Solutions rear projection Definition film screen takes any piece of clear glass or acrylic and turns it into an instant rear projection display glass TV surface with built in adhesives for quick and simple installation.

The Screen Solutions Int. Accent rear projection film screen has impressively bright images and large seamless sizes up to 120” 16:9. This rear projection film has a host of applications limited only by your imagination.

The Intrigue series is a line of clear holographic rear projection films and rigid screens. The adhesive film version of the Intrigue rear projection screen is transparent, yet holds a remarkable image. The advantage to you? A huge range of projection possibilities in extremely diverse projection environments.

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