Contrast Rear Projection Film Glass TV Screen
Definition Adhesive Rear Projection Film

The Screen Solutions rear projection Definition film screen takes any piece of clear glass or acrylic and turns it into an instant rear projection display glass TV surface with built in adhesives for quick and simple installation.

The Screen Solutions Definition rear projection film is dark in color, much like the Definition rigid rear projection screen adding contrast to your images and helping combat high ambient light conditions.

The Screen Solutions Int. Definition rear projection film screen is being used in retail environments to turn static glass and banners into digital glass where creating and displaying captivating content becomes as easy as updating your digital signage controller.

Screen Solutions stocks the industry’s largest sizes of seamless films and has them available in cut sizes or full rolls for quick shipping nationally or internationally in 24-48 hours on average.

With no specific projection angle required, the Definition rear projection film rear projection screen gives you more options for creativity, functionality and installation of your next pro display.

With no hot spotting and wide viewing angles the Screen Solutions Definition rear projection film screen makes it easy to use and will give you freedom to display your content in stunning fashion.

All Screen Solutions projection film screens adhere to any glass or acrylic, just like a window tint, creating a Glass TV. Combine Projection film with thru-glass Touch Film for an on glass interactive user experience.

• Installation of projection film and touch film is a simple process requiring only a spray bottle and hard squeegee.

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Adhesive Glass TV Rear Projection Foil – In today’s society we are addicted to eye candy, everything is getting bigger, brighter and bolder and so must go the brick and mortar storefronts; with the advancements of handheld digital smart phones and social media, texting etc. it is getting increasingly harder to grab the attention or perspective buyers passing your store. It is important to realize however that if you can break them away from their fascination with their portable devices that you have an excellent chance at securing a customer that will stick with you.

This is not about keeping up with the Jones’s but rather advancing with the times in an effort to survive and conquer in this rapidly changing economy and marketplace; and like we have all heard before “there is no challenge like the one at hand.”
So how do we ignite our storefront windows with something that will somehow inspire our perspective clients to give us a moment of their time and hopefully create new customers?

Convert all or part of your storefront into an animated glass TV and possibly an interactive display; you can do this easily with an adhesive rear projection film screen. This type of projection screen is not the one you have seen in the boardroom or at the movies but rather a highly intelligent and sophisticated projection film glass TV surface that will apply right to your glass window and once “lit up” with a projector will provide an awesome eye catching in the consumers face display that will inspire local traffic to see what you are all about.

How do we know if this works and what is our basis for this claim? Well that’s easy – all of the major retailer including makeup companies, jewelry stores, and department stores have been migrating towards these concepts and technologies for the last several years.
In fact more than 5 years ago I was in San Francisco and eating across the street from the Ritz Carlton and noticed they had a projection screen in their window; so I finished eating and walked over to see what type it was. They actually had an extremely expensive projection film screen in their street level sales location for their new condos that were being built downtown; the funny part was you could barely see it even though there was a humongous projector powering that glass TV.

This glass TV screen that was used is so expensive in fact that nowadays you can buy an entire storefront rear projection screen display system for less than just the screen price; that screen was also lacking the significant advancements in technology that we have come to achieve today. The screen used in the Ritz Carlton location was 4 pieces of film applied to the window and butted up to each other to form one screen about the size of a 42” flat screen TV; our roll widths a couple years ago were limited to 40” then 48” and now 60” rolls are a standard which will yield a 122” wide-screen adhesive rear projection film making the industry’s largest seamless screen sizes.

To make your projects easier and as painless as possible we have assembled a list of quick ship type of projection film kits that can ship in as little as 24-48 hours after order; these kits contain everything you need to transform your static storefront or window into a digital storefront. Glass TV kits can contain some or all of the following items – adhesive rear projection film cut to your requested size, projector, mount, cabling, digital signage controller, mini PC, power conditioner, anti-glare film, interactive touch screen, window speakers and more. If you have a good feeling for what you need we can simply get you squared away over the phone or via the website but say this is your very first project and you are looking for assistance we also will help you determine the appropriate product combination's that will compliment and add to your existing marketing efforts.

Fortunately as with most innovative products, glass TV technology has increased at a rapid rate and the costs are coming down; since that day in San Francisco we have pushed the envelope of on or in window projection film technology and we can proudly say we offer projection films that are truly worthy of being called technology and now used by many of the most famous retailers in the world.

As always there is no pressure to purchase, although you may be asked we at no time will put pressure on you to make a decision until you are absolutely ready on your own. With any investment it is important to understand what it is you are putting your money into and what you can expect once you place the order so feel comfortable with the decision you have made to contact Screen Solutions Int.

General Applications: 

Glass TV Retail / POS Displays
Interactive Glass TV
Lobby Displays
Digital Storefront Glass TV's

Projection films, definition projection film, gl Screen Solutions international

Quick Facts: 

Screen Color- Dark grey
Largest size- 4:3 100” 60”x80”- 16:9 120” 104.6”x58.8”
Roll size- 60”x33’
Install type- built in adhesive

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Tech Specs: 

Screen Color Dark Gray
Transmission of light 79%
Max Viewing Angle* 175˚
* Dependent on projector placement

Maximum Size (Seamless) 120” (16:9) 104.6” x 58.8”
100” (4:3) 80 x 60”
Projection Film – Full Roll 60 in. x 33 ft.

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