Rear Projection Screen
Definition Pro

This awesome Rear Projection Screen - The Definition Pro by Screen Solutions International is our flagship rear projection screen.

This Screen Solutions projection screen is a one of a kind rear projection screen, boasting of outstanding viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical, added contrast, light rejection capabilities, large seamless sizes – plus, it can be cut, shaped, curved, and molded without losing its capabilities or characteristics.

This 5mm thick rear projection screen works exceptionally well with standard projection systems; also meets the demands of projection systems with mirror rigs and short throw lenses. This screen is great for HD Set Design and use with High End cameras. Visit our new site at

General Applications: 

Studio Set Design
Pro Displays
Large Scale Displays
Video Walls

Accessories : 

The Definition Pro rear projection screen by Screen Solutions performs well frameless or it can be framed with Screen Solutions hanging hardware systems or our framing options when creating your pro display.

Finishing Options: 

Screen Solutions also gives you the unique option of choosing your screen finish.

Matte/Matte Screen

  • Durable
  • No reflections from natural or artificial lighting
  • Easy to clean

The Definition Pro Matte/Matte screen is part of our industrial Line Manager Package and is currently in use by Fortune 500 companies and large corporations worldwide.


  • TV-like appearance
  • Image uniformity
  • Large, seamless, sizes up to 133"

The Definition Pro Matte/Glossy screen is ideal for broadcast set design where image is everything and functionality critical.
Both finishes are in stock and available to ship anywhere within 48 hours.

Framing Options: 
  • Frames for standard or custom sized rear projection screens from 35” and up
  • Frames can be made to hang or be free standing
  • Frames can be incorporated into larger displays and systems
  • Frames can be standard finish or be powder coated, painted or anodized upon request
  • Screen solutions frames are made of lightweight durable materials
  • We also can provide stainless steel frames for industrial use
  • Lightweight frames for table top use are available in our mobile presentation kits

Hanging Options: 
  • Side clips that attach to the screen for light weight frameless hanging
  • Side clips with tension system for hanging
  • Frames with hanging points

rear projection screen, Definition pro projector screen, Screen Solutions Intern

Quick Facts: 

Largest size-84”x112”
Screen color-Grey
Installation type-fixed or hanging
Screen finish-matte/matte or matte/glossy

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Tech Specs: 

Peak-Gain 3.5
Horizontal Half-Gain Value +/- 22°
Vertical Half-Gain Value +/- 22°
Viewing-cone 180°
Screen Color Dark Gray
Contrast 200:1
Transmission of light 63%
Thickness, standard 5 mm (0.5”)
Maximum Size 84”x112”
Screen Finishes Matte/Matte, Matte/Glossy
Custom sizes available

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