Dark Grey Rigid Rear Projection Screen

This rigid rear projection screen is what we like to refer to as the "go to screen of our line", if for any reason you have doubts about which screen to use for your project than this screen is for you. It is an all around performer and has been used in everything from beach projection screens in Florida to high end television station production sets.

Because it is a rigid rear projectionscreen, Definition has the ability to hang frame less using our hanging hardware or it can be framed with any of our Screen Solutions framing options. Because this screen is a hard and or rigid it can also be formed, shaped, molded or cut into custom size screens, aspect ratios and designs giving you near unlimited use for this rear projection screen. We carry our standard stock sizes up to our largest size in stock and are ready to ship nationwide or worldwide at anytime

The Screen Solutions Definition rear projection screen is dark gray in color and has dual matte surfaces preventing any reflection issues from lighting or windows. We have designed the definition rear or back projection Screen with no films or layers so you can put this rear projection screen any environment without having to worry about expansion and retraction that comes with rear projection screens with multiple layers.

Diffusion Rear Projection Screen –
Rear projection screens are a part of the global digital display revolution that is happening and with all the advancements in typical displays it is important to realize that projection screens are advancing at a rapid rate also. For many years now rigid or hard rear projection screens have been used to communicate a visual message with the same intensity that we have come to expect from contemporary digital displays; most rigid rear projection screens are utilizing diffusion based rear projection technology, diffusion projection screens do exactly what you would expect from that name and diffuse the light with micro lenses that are embedded into the screen during the casting process.

These micro lenses allow the screen to capture and diffuse the light that is passing thru the screen and what you get is an amazing picture as it comes out the other side. Think of the micro lenses as little prism’s that accept and amplify the light that is sent thru them, these lenses when properly formed into the projection surface work together to form a grid or network that works together as a unit to provide the amazing results that you see.

Premium quality rigid rear projection screens are hand crafted and cast, usually made one at a time or in small batches to preserve the integrity and uniformity required by digital display professionals and their requirements; although there are other methods such as extruding the sheets in bulk it is recommended that if you are looking for a solution that will provide you the best overall experience with the least hassle and limited negative effects you shy away from production type extruded rear projection screens.

Diffusion screens that are properly crafted and engineered for premium performance will last for many years and hold up to many of the harshest conditions known on earth; diffusion screens are typically one solid projection surface of varying thickness’s around 3mm and have no films or layers leaving you with the flexibility to cut, trim or divide a single sheet into many different sizes or shapes to suit your project needs.

Diffusion rear projection screens are available in three colors primarily – white, dark gray and clear; all having unique characteristics and functions as you can imagine but at the core possessing the same diffusion micro lenses that allow them the ability to perform in so many different situations and circumstances.

It is very important to realize that all diffusion screens are not created equal and the differences in manufacturing techniques can throw the performance of one screen to another wildly across the performance charts; hot spotting and minimal viewing cone and half gain are very real concerns with this type of rear projection screen especially when working with mass produced low quality screens.

If you have any questions or specific requirements we recommend you speak to a SSI rear projection specialist and determine the appropriate solution for your project, as always we strive for your satisfaction and look forward to the opportunity to share our passion with you.
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General Applications: 

General Applications:
TV Set Design
Retail and POS Displays
Pro Displays
Video Walls
Trade Show
Home Theater
Conference Rooms
Pool Halls/Bars
Night Clubs
Health / Fitness Centers
Rental and Staging
Video Trucks

Accessories : 

Screen Solutions pro display framing options include:

Framing Options: 
  • Frames for standard or custom sized rear projection screens from 35" and up
  • Frames can be made to hang or be free standing
  • Frames can be incorporated into larger displays and systems
  • Frames can be standard finish or be powder coated, painted or anodized upon request
  • Screen solutions frames are made of lightweight durable materials
  • We also can provide stainless steel frames for industrial use
  • Lightweight frames for table top use are available in our mobile presentation kits

  • Hanging Options: 

    Hanging options for creating your pro display include:

    • Side clips that attach to the screen for light weight frameless hanging
    • Side clips with tension system for hanging
    • Frames with hanging points

    rear projection screen, Definition screen, Screen Solutions International

    Quick Facts: 

    Largest size-80”x120”
    Screen color-Grey
    Installation type-fixed or hanging
    Screen finish-matte/matte

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    Tech Specs: 

    Peak-Gain 5
    Horizontal Half-Gain Value +/- 32°
    Vertical Half-Gain Value +/- 32°
    Viewing-cone 165°
    Screen Color Dark Gray
    Contrast 200:1
    Transmission of light 68%
    Thickness, standard 3 mm (1.125”)
    Maximum Size 80”x120”
    Screen Finishes Matte/Matte
    Custom sizes are available

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