Clear Holographic Rear Projection Film
Transparent 3D Capable Rear Projection Film

The Intrigue series is a line of clear holographic rear projection films and rigid screens. The adhesive film version of the Intrigue rear projection screen is transparent, yet holds a remarkable image. The advantage to you? A huge range of projection possibilities in extremely diverse projection environments.

The Intrigue rear projection screen film has built in adhesives for easy installation to any clear glass or acrylic surface, creating instant holographic or 3D floating image projection.

The Intrigue projection film is being used in tradeshows for futuristic displays, drawing attention that may otherwise pass by. What's more, these projection films go hand-in-hand with today’s latest touch screen technology.

All Screen Solutions projection films adhere to any glass or acrylic, just like a window tint. Films can be purchased in seamless sizes up 120-inch widescreen!

With our adhesive rear projection film, installation is a simple process requiring only a spray bottle and hard squeegee. No specific projection angles are required, which makes installation quick and easy.

Rear Projection Foil - Rear Projection Foil is a highly sophisticated paper thin projection surface; we have intricately compressed our rigid projection screen technology down into this amazing digital display foil. It is best described as a window tint like material with water activated adhesive that can be applied to any clear and even tinted glass or acrylic surfaces, transforming even the most standard storefront or retail windows into animated digital displays. This foil comes in a variety of colors all with unique characteristics and performance benefits; Dark or Definition foil is designed to add contrast and depth to your images it can also be used in direct sunlight applications on storefronts and retail displays. White or Accent projection foil is an impressive screen that can handle most any extreme application it is presented with.

This screen has been used in some of the biggest names in retail including Estée Lauder, Bare Escentuals and many more to create stunning and unique digital signage displays that captivate, inspire and engage perspective buyers; this is a condensed version of our Accent rigid screen. Clear and Transparent Intrigue Foil is just as it is described intriguing – this projection foil has been used in many high end retail chains such as De Beers Jewelry Stores and Microsoft Stores to create one of a kind award winning displays that are sure to stop and attract potential buyers; this screen is of similar technology to our Intrigue rigid projection screen yet paper thin.
SSI projection foils are stocked on 60” wide rolls and 100’ in length giving you 122” seamless widescreen displays.

Interactive options are available and can be incorporated into any application utilizing rear projection foils; simply apply a thin touch screen foil to your substrate and then apply your projection foil onto the touch foil. This thru glass touch screen solution in conjunction with rear projection technology can transform any storefront into an interactive digital display in a matter of an hour or so; sizes available up to 122” widescreen.
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General Applications: 

Retail / POS Displays
Pro Displays
Lobby Displays
Digital Storefront

Projection films, Intrigue projection film, Holographic Projection

Quick Facts: 

Transparent Projection Film
Screen Color- clear/transparent
Largest size- 4:3 100” 60”x80”- 16:9 120” 104.6”x58.8”
Roll size- 60”x33’
Install type- built in adhesive

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Tech Specs: 

Holographic Projection Film Screen Color - Clear
Transmission of light 89%
Max Viewing Angle* 175˚
* Dependent on projector placement

Maximum Size (Seamless) 120” (16:9) 104.6” x 58.8”
100” (4:3) 80 x 60”
Projection Film – Full Roll 60 in. x 33 ft.

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