Line Manager Package

The SSI Line Manager Package from Screen Solutions gives you the ability to monitor your entire line from a centralized location. It enables you to quickly visualize and accurately evaluate what is happening on your line, and keeps your personnel aware at all times.

Save Labor.

With the SSI Line Manager Package, you lower your manpower. It takes less manpower to work the station, less manpower to respond to malfunctions and
problems, and less manpower to keep your line running.

Cut Costs.

Less down-time means more product made. By knowing right where to go when something goes down, you lower your response times. This keeps your quotas high and keeps your line running smoothly. The SS I Line Manager Package minimizes your losses, leading to higher numbers.

Improve Quality.

With a constant state of monitoring, you get reports by real-time visual reference, leaving you more time to maximize your productivity. With the SSI Line Manager Package, you and your employees are in a constant state of awareness and can stay on top of any situation.

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