Front Projection Screen
Reflection Front Screen

Rising above the limits and uses of other front projection screens the Reflection front screen creates new avenues locations and possibilities for front projection screens and pro display applications… shopping malls, subways, transit stations, airports, theaters, industrial and class rooms.

Its durability and image quality are unmatched; with this screen you will never see a hotspot guaranteed.
The Screen Solutions Reflection front projection screen is perfect for home theater screen applications; Unlike traditional fabric screens you actually get a matte white surface which provides truer color representation and absolutely NO HOTSPOT.
This front projection screen will last the lifetime of your install with no sagging, warping, fading or peeling of your screen making replacement cost a thing of the past .
The Screen Solutions Reflection front screen is made without films or layers making it easy to clean.

The Reflection front screen works very well with interactive white board pens and makers because it is a rigid front projection screen you can press and write without damaging your screen.

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General Applications: 

Public venues
Home theater
Pro Displays
Anywhere front
projection is needed

Framing Options: 
  • Frames for standard or custom sized rear projection screens from 35” and up
  • Frames can be made to hang or be free standing
  • Frames can be incorporated into larger displays and systems
  • Frames can be standard finish or be powder coated, painted or anodized upon request
  • For our Reflection line we also offer a line of high quality wood framing options
  • Screen solutions frames are made of lightweight durable materials
  • We also can provide stainless steel frames for industrial use
  • Lightweight frames for table top use are available in our mobile presentation kits

Hanging Options: 
  • Side clips that attach to the screen for light weight frameless hanging
  • Side clips with tension system for hanging
  • Frames with hanging points

Front projection screen, projector screen, Screen Solutions International
Projector Screen, Front projection, Screen Solutions International

Quick Facts: 

Largest size-78”x118”
Screen color-White
Installation type-fixed or hanging
Screen finish-matte

Tech Specs: 

Peak-Gain 3.0
Viewing Angle 180°
Screen Color White
Contrast No Added Contrast
Reflection of light 80%
Thickness, standard 3 mm or 5 mm
Maximum Size 78” x 118”
Screen Finishes Matte
Custom sizes available

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