Touch Foil Touch Screen
Turn Ordinary Glass into a Touch Screen

Touch Foil is a state of the art plastic type material that applies to the inside of your storefront or glass window and can provide the ability for consumers to interact with a touch screen on the glass. Touch Foil actually has no resemblance to foil of any sort and in reality is made out of plastic; however the technical term for this product is touch foil.

Touch Foil touch screens are primarily used for thru glass touch screen applications, what this means is that the touch screen foil is applied behind the glass or inside the store window for storefront touch screen integration. Thru glass touch screen simply means that touch screen foil is applied to the back side of the glass that you do not come in contact with, this makes for providing interactive displays on shop front windows and keeping the touch screen technology safe a breeze. If placing the touch screen foil on a glass storefront window it would get installed inside the store and customers could interact with the touch screen foil from the outside thru the glass window. 

Because the touch screen technology can be applied to any standard glass or acrylic and interacted with through the surface is why the technology has been termed thru glass touch screen foil. The technology is made up of a whole bunch of tiny wires embedded into the touch screen foil and these tiny wires in the foil can sense your body's natural electric current and transmits a signal to the brain or computer. 

Touch screen Foil can be applied for permanent or temporary usage to glass or acrylic and connects with a simple plug n play USB connection.

Standard and Custom Sizes and Aspect Ration available up to 122" Diagonal.

Incorporate Touch Foil with any standard flat panel TV such as LCD, LED or use Projection Film and a Projector.

General Applications: 

Retail Storefront Displays

Museum Displays

Touch Screen LCD Retrofits

Trade Show Exhibits

Real Estate Windows

Shopping Malls

Car Dealerships

Touch Foil, Multi Touch Foil, Touch Screen Foil, Foil Touch Screen - SSIDisplays
Touch Foil, Multi Touch Foil, Touch Screen Foil, Foil Touch Screen - SSIDisplays

Quick Facts: 

Applies to Standard Glass or Acrylic

USB Connection

Permanent or Temporary

Standard and Custom Sizes

Tech Specs: 

Diagonal Screen Sizes up to 122" Widescreen

USB Connection

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