Rear Projection Screens

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Definition Screen at Awards Show #1

Screen solutions rear projection screen products vary in style and design while maintaining outstanding quality, amazing viewing angles and large seamless sizes – all in stock. Between them, these exceptional screens accommodate every projection environment. We offer tradeshow projection screens, holographic screens, touch windows and other touch screens.

All of these Screen Solutions rear projections screens are “rigid” – not a film or fabric projection screen. There are no films or layers, making them durable and easy to install when creating your pro display products.

Screen solutions has the right product for you.

  • Rear projection screens with outstanding viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical with minimal half gain
  • Holographic projections screens for a futuristic style
  • Rear projection screens with added contrast and light rejecting capabilities
  • Ultra bright rear projection screens

All Screen Solutions rigid rear projection screens are...

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in the industry’s largest seamless sizes
  • In stock and ready to ship worldwide

These Screen Solutions rear projection products can all be...

  • Custom shaped
  • Custom formed
  • Cut into Custom screen sizes and aspect ratios
  • Interactive shapes and styles

This awesome Rear Projection Screen - The Definition Pro by Screen Solutions International is our flagship rear projection screen.

This Screen Solutions projection screen is a one of a kind rear projection screen, boasting of outstanding viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical, added contrast, light rejection capabilities, large seamless sizes – plus, it can be cut, shaped, curved, and molded without losing its capabilities or characteristics.

This rigid rear projection screen is what we like to refer to as the "go to screen of our line", if for any reason you have doubts about which screen to use for your project than this screen is for you. It is an all around performer and has been used in everything from beach projection screens in Florida to high end television station production sets.

Intrigue rear projection screen is a holographic projection screen. It is near completely transparent in appearance when no image is being projected.

The Screen Solutions Accent rear projection screen is a 3mm thick, white projection screen which boasts of very bright images along with high viewing angles.

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