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touch screen film, touch filmInteractive Touch Screen Technology 

Screen Solutions also takes interactive to the next level with touch foil, dual touch, multi touch screens, Infrared multi touch overlays and multi touch displays. Taking you from single touch user interfaces to multi user multi touch screen systems with our infrared touch screen bezels. You can also retrofit any existing LED TV, Plasma TV or LCD into a dual touch display or multi touch TV. This works well in retrofitting existing displays into touch TV’s and multi touch displays.

With Screen Solutions multi touch infrared touch screen overlays you can also create large format video walls and true multi user, multi touch displays, glass TV touch screens and thru glass touch screens. Each of our touch screen technology products can be integrated with our rigid and rear projection film screens giving you the ability to customize to your requirements. No longer do you need to sacrifice your creativity for a standardized USB touch screen technology component.

SSI has the capability to provide both standard and custom touch screen technology solutions based on your requirements. Thru glass touch screen film comes in a variety of standard sizes and custom sizes available upon request up to 122” widescreen. Infrared IR multi touch bezels are OEM touch screen components are readily available in a variety of standard flat panel TV sizes. We also offer custom aspect ratios, screen sizes and formats for your custom interactive projects.

Touch Screen – Touch screens have changed the way that society behaves and is now a must on cell phones, PDA’s, IPODS, in car GPS units, computers and now store front displays, tradeshow displays and in store marketing devices. Touch screens are available in several different technology types but the one we are covering in this article is Thru Glass interactive touch foils that are used in conjunction with Projection Displays, LCD and Plasma screens; turning any content that can be clicked on, activated or controlled with a mouse (websites, programs, games, software, apps, etc.)  into content that can be controlled by the touch of your finger.

This technology is great for retail and many other uses in that it allows the common man or customer to interact with your digital signage without ever coming in contact with the display, touch screen, projector or computer…..all of these are safe and secure behind the glass (inside the store). A Capacitive touch screen foil is designed to be applied to a rigid substrate such as a storefront glass window; you would install the touch screen foil to the inside of the glass with an application liquid – this part of the process usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Once the touch screen film is applied to the glass typically you should wait about 24 hours and then return to complete the installation of projection film.

Now that you are ready to install the projection film go ahead and apply it to the back of the touch foil that is on the window and squeegee out the application liquid.

The touch screen has a PCB typically on the bottom of the foil itself, this connects to a computer with the supplied USB cable. The computer sends the signal to the projector and is the liaison between your finger and the projector; literally controlling the content stored on the computer.

At this point you are ready to turn on the projector and begin the calibration process which is as easy as opening up the software and touching 3 circles in the corners of the displays (remember you will be on the front side of the glass at this point).


Now you have your very own interactive storefront window display that can be used for advertising, promotion, marketing, list building and customer relationship development.

Touch Screen Film – For on glass or thru-glass touch screen technology and usage Screen Solutions has a product known as Touch Film that will transform standard glass or acrylic into a thru glass touch screen. Once Touch Film is applied to the back surface of a storefront window display or business glass window users can interact with and control touch screen functionality from outside, the touch screen technology and touch film remain safe and secure inside the store. Touch film is clear and nearly transparent, when used in conjunction with projection film the ability to create unique displays and interactive experiences is unlimited.

Touch film can be connected to any standard computer or interactive content server with a standard USB connection, touch films are supplied complete with the driver and your choice of application preference  - Temporary or Permanent

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Touch Screen Bezel –Retrofit or create multitouch touch screen displays in minutes with Infrared Touch Screen Bezels that are considered what many people call a touch screen overlay. Multitouch touch screen bezels apply over the top of existing displays and create an Infrared grid like pattern over the surface of your digital display or flat panel television. Standard sizes range from 30" Diagonal up to 200" Diagonal and can even be customized to your aspect ratio or screen size if need be.

Touch screen bezels are supplied with everything you need to get up and running quickly, Infrared Bezel, USB Connection, Drivers and Mounting Kit. Touch screen bezel overlay attaches to your display in minutes with supplied double sided tape and connects to your computer or interactive content server with standard USB cable.

Touch screen bezels can even be used with projection film providing the ability to accomplish extremely large touch screen sizes with lower cost and comparable resolution and functionality. Learn more CALL 888-631-5880


Touch Screen Overlay – If you want to turn an existing digital display into an interactive touch screen you can do it in a matter of just a few minutes with no tools needed! Everything you need is included in the box for a quick, easy, painless installation of your new interactive touch screen overlay; installation time varies but it typically takes about 3-5 minutes for the IR Bezel overlay and 20-30 minutes for the Interactive Touch Film.


Both the Interactive IR Infrared Bezel and Thru Glass Touch Film Overlays connect to your PC, Digital Signage Controller or Content Delivery System with the supplied USB Cable

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