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Screen Solutions International Touch Table Technology

Touch Tables are currently being used in Real Estate, Corporate, Industrial, Trade Show, Retail and Home Sales Centers. Screen Solutions offers a number of standard and customized touchtable programs and options for these and other markets. For instance a real estate office with a touch table can invite customers and new homebuyers to experience a new and non-confrontational way to shop for property, houses and or rental properties. Customers can search by zip code, city, state, amenities and even bathrooms if they like; once they have found the property that interests them they can choose to have the information emailed to them or even print a sales flyer right there. Touch Tables starting at just $6995.00

Touch Table Video


Touch Table Leasing Multi Touch Tables are available in the following standard sizes -

  • 42" Touch table
  • 55" touch Table
  • 60" Touch Table
  • 65" Touch Table
  • 70" Touch Table

Multi Touch Points available for your budget and your project requirements -

  • 2 Points of Touch
  • 6 Points of Touch
  • Expanded Multi Touch Points available up to 32 Points of Touch (please call 888-631-5880 for information and pricing)
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